The Software

The Software collects water data from the Waka, monitoring water every 15 minutes. Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, it interprets complex data into information, solutions and outcomes.

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Satellite IoT connectivity


Cellular IoT connectivity

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Satellite IoT connectivity

The Smart Water Data System

The Software runs algorithms to interpret data and present it in clear, understandable summaries, with a quick-look water quality health score, site-specific details, environment classifications and alert warnings. You can access raw data sets, historical data, and public graphs to see water quality trends fast.

Software designed to help organisations, Iwi, farmers, and communities get the most out of their water quality data. Using smart data interpretation and remote-sensing technology, the Software delivers real-time information about waterways.

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The Features

The Software is a robust and secure database that stores and displays your data, using the powerful AWS (Amazon Web Services) stack to build reliable and future-focused applications. The database architecture lets you receive alerts for sudden changes in water quality and includes built-in predictability and early warning systems for rapid and agile water quality management.

Real-Time Data

The IoT connectivity provides real-time data. Industry-leading software collects the information, stores it, interprets it, and provides an accurate summary of water quality in the moment.

Smart Water Quality Data Interpretation with AI Software

Artificial Intelligence

With AI, the software opens up the power of the water quality data by running algorithms that combine sensor parameters for whole systems interpretation of changes in water quality.

Artificial Intelligence Io T Technology


Predictive capabilities are built into the database using the AWS cloud platform, providing early detection warnings and potential water quality problems. You can set alerts for changes and respond in real-time.

Predictability Io T Technology

Alerts & Powerful Insights

The data is available in understandable summaries with a water health score showing water quality ‘at-a-glance’. Users can access raw and historical data and can publish graphs to see data trends quickly.

Alerts Powerful Insights Io T Technology

Mapping & Graphs

Much like how artificial intelligence runs algorithms, the smart software also produces understandable data in the form of graphs and maps, so you can easily see data trends.

Mapping Graphs Io T Technology


Link your RiverWatch software to your existing Farm Management Portal, or integrate it with other platforms and portals.

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Intuitive UI

The Waka uses the latest remote-sensing technology and IoT networks, where the data is transferred in real-time to your phone, tablet, or desktop. The software interface is clean, intuitive and easy to read.

Intuitive UI Io T Technology