IoT Water Monitoring Device

The Signal Mate comes with the option of Cellular or SWARM Satellite IoT Connectivity, communicating the data between the Waka and Software, and delivering real-time information every 15 minutes.

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Satellite IoT connectivity


Cellular IoT connectivity

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Satellite IoT connectivity

IoT Technology

The Internet of Things has the power of connecting people to their equipment, equipment to networks, and gaining access to useful data. For RiverWatch, Signal Mate is our communications unit, with the option of Cellular IoT or SWARM Satellite IoT connectivity. The two options put you in control so that you can choose the best, optimised solution for your needs.

The IoT term encompasses every object or thing connected to the internet. From sensors in the Waka to interpretative Software, IoT is made up of connected devices that ‘talk’ to each other while collecting useful information about the water that isn’t available otherwise.

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Cellular IoT or SWARM IoT Satellite Connectivity

With Cellular IoT or SWARM IoT satellite connectivity, it makes our water quality monitor solution affordable, saves monitoring times, and increases efficiency.

Swarm IoT Satellite Connectivity

For businesses and communities operating in remote areas, cellular connectivity is often limited. Alternatively, a satellite-based IoT service is a solution to the issue. SWARM’s global two-way satellite connectivity for IoT devices is compatible with RiverWatch products.

As SWARM tech is building a global platform for satellite IoT devices, they enable connection in remote areas from anywhere in the world. So whether you need to monitor water quality on an out-of-service farm or catchment, IoT satellite connectivity is the solution.

We are proud to partner with Swarm as they establish the connected environment network.

Swarm Io T Satelitte Connectivity Technology
Screen Shot 2021 11 09 at 12 12 41 PM
Swarm Tile satellite modem Credit Swarm Technologies


A mockup of Swarm s full 150 satellite constellation expected to be deployed by 2021 Credit Swarm Technologies


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Cellular IoT Connectivity

Cellular IoT is how physical things, like sensors, connect to the internet piggybacking off the same mobile network as smartphones.

Cellular IoT solutions are being used worldwide but they are ground-based and require large infrastructure. They do offer, however, a great connectivity option for those in coverage.

Signal Mate communicates between the Waka and software across the mobile network. So where service reaches, so do cellular IoT-based Signal Mates.

Cellular Io T Connectivity Io T Technology Signal Mate

Why IoT Technology?

IoT is for providing high frequency, small data packets over long distances at high speeds. As the water sensors only produce small packets of data, it is easily transmitted across long distances using only a narrow band of microwaves.

So IoT means we can get a lot of data without using a lot of energy. Using low energy means the Waka battery life is extended and holds the capability to capture and send more data for a longer period of time.

Understanding New Zealand Water Health with Water Quality Monitoring RW

How is IoT Used in Water Management?

Water is the cornerstone of life, especially for New Zealand. It is one of the most valuable resources on earth, and the vital foundation of almost every sector, from agricultural to industrial to recreational use. Better water management is necessary and where IoT technology plays a significant role.

Smart water monitoring has the potential to monitor pollution in waterways, chemicals in pools and swimming water bodies, detect drinking water quality changes and more.

IoT Tech Enables Water Monitoring From Any Source

RiverWatch supplies water quality monitoring sensors paired with smart data interpreting software to deliver high performing solutions to meet the requirements of smart water monitoring needs. The Signal Mate is the communications technology unit that uses IoT to communicate between the Waka and Software.

The data collected by the sensors is transmitted via the IoT network to the RiverWatch platform, providing customisable dashboards, reporting, predictive analytics, alerts and integration options.

Talk to RiverWatch today to ensure your IoT solution meets your water quality monitoring requirements, improving monitoring efficiency and minimises water and environmental impact.