Get the Waka. 60-Day Money-Back.

The RiverWatch solution includes real-time monitoring Hardware (the Waka and Signal Mate), along with Software, IoT Connectivity and Servicing (Subscription). We offer a 60 day money-back guarantee*

Riverwatch waka and software

What is the Waka?

The Waka is the Water Quality Monitor paired with the Signal Mate (Hardware), along with Software, IoT Connectivity and Servicing (Subscription) to deliver a plug and play system. The Subscription covers servicing and calibration of the Hardware, network fees, maintenance, customer support and more.

The RiverWatch Hardware and Software is a complete freshwater and saltwater monitoring solution with five sensors included and room to customise the solution to your needs. The Signal Mate collects the data from the Waka every 15 minutes and sends back valuable information via Cellular IoT or Swarm IoT Satellite Communications. The Software takes the data received from the Signal Mate and translates it into easy-to-understand information, using Artificial Intelligence and providing essential information and alerts in real-time.

*60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your device, you can return it to us for a full refund of the Hardware purchase cost.


How Does the Hardware, Software and Subscription Package Work?

The RiverWatch Offer is the most innovative, cost-effective Hardware and Software package on the market. We provide a turn-key solution so that any organisation can remotely deploy the hardware and have real-time data collecting immediately and continuously.

the waka from Riverwatch

The Hardware

The Waka Hardware comes with five sensors, with room for two more sensors to be added. It is housed in a modular floating unit made from recycled milk bottles. It communicates with the Signal Mate using IoT Technology to gather data continuously, sending information to the software every 15 minutes.

The Waka includes sensors for:


Dissolved Oxygen




The Signal Mate transfers data between the Waka and Software. Choose between Cellular IoT or Swarm Satellite IoT connectivity.

Find out more about the sensors and upgradable options on the Science page.

the Riverwatch software

The Software

The Software collects data from the Waka and Signal Mate Hardware, runs algorithms to interpret the data, and presents it in clear, understandable summaries, with a quick-look water quality health score, site-specific details, environment classifications and alert warnings.

Deployment toolkit & instructions

Software access with upgrades

Web login & access to your data

Network fees & maintenance

Calibration & servicing

Return freight to the RiverWatch base (for calibration & servicing)

Customer support

Riverwatch subscription

The Subscription

The Subscription Agreement covers Software and network fees, calibration and servicing of the Waka and Signal Mate (with freight to the RiverWatch base included), customer support and more.

3. Dispatch
Once the order is received, we will process and dispatch your Hardware.

You will receive your deployment toolkit and instructions showing you how to install the Signal Mate, deploy the Waka, and turn them on using the magnetic switch.

You will receive your software and web login to access your real-time water quality monitoring data.

Find out more about additional deployment/tethering options on The Waka Hardware page.

Read more about how the Software and Signal Mate work to provide valuable water health insight.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Give us a call on 027 267 7812 or send us an email at

Where Do I Find My Software Login Details?

The Software login details will be included in your welcome email and allow you to log into your portal and see your data displayed in real-time.

What Is the Servicing Plan?

We will include a Servicing Plan and send a notification when your servicing is due. The first service will be approximately three months after the first deployment and approximately 3-month intervals for the first 12 months. After that, servicing intervals can change based on your water quality scenario.

When servicing is due, you package up the Waka and use the return to sender courier slip to return it to RiverWatch. We will service the device and dispatch it back to you ASAP for redeployment.

What if I Want to Stop Using It for a Few Months?

We understand that there might be times through the lifetime of your device that you want to deactivate for a period. If this is done for longer than a month, we will reduce the subscription fee to $20 + GST /month for the deactivation period.

Do You Have a Buy-Back Scheme?

We offer a buy-back scheme as well if, in the future, for any reason, you would like to return your Hardware.


The Next Generation Solution

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the waka from Riverwatch


The sensors are housed in a modular floating unit made from recycled milk bottles called the Waka. It uses IoT technology to transfer data to the AI software.

the Riverwatch software

The Science

Housed in the Waka are five sensors, including pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity, with room for two more sensors installed.

Better water health

Our Mission

Founded in response to the growing water quality crisis, the RiverWatch mission is to help New Zealand understand and manage water quality.

The Riverwatch Blog

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