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Working with Farmers and Communities

“The IoT solution is helping farmers and communities understand the health of our rivers, streams and lakes with real-time water monitoring.”

Changing Government Water Regulations

There is major concern about the health of our freshwater rivers and the role of intensive agriculture in climate change. Nitrogen can enter waterways as bought-in feed or as nitrogenous fertiliser.

Government regulations are changing around how agricultural activities impact rivers, lakes and streams, meaning water quality monitoring is essential.

An increased amount of sediment, nitrogen and other pollutants can lead to poor water quality and low biodiversity. Without monitoring quality fluctuations in real-time, it’s impossible to understand the waters and make changes to prevent degradation.

Working with Farmers to Monitor New Zealand Water Quality in Agricultural Areas with Real Time Water Monitoring

Affordable Water Monitoring with Data Transparency

Water is essential for our primary industries, farming and forestry, and other industries, including construction, industrial and commercial. It is the heart of many ecosystems, from lakes to rivers to wetlands.

In our country, water is the resource of life. High water quality ensures we can carry out necessary activities, like farming and forestry, but government regulations must be followed to prevent community hazards. Urbanisation, wetland drainage, and even river modifications have increased the pressure on our freshwater bodies around the country.

Current monitoring solutions are expensive and inaccurate. Regulations require monitoring that is often unaffordable for land users. There is a demand for greater data transparency. We cannot address our freshwater crisis without gathering data.

Io T Technology Monitoring Farm Agriculture Water Quality Nitrate Sensor

The Adaptive Water Monitoring Solution

Water monitoring is an adaptive solution for finding out what is happening in our waters and understanding how our primary industries affect them. The Waka water quality monitor comes with five sensors and IoT connectivity and provides a wireframe of our waters.

The Waka uses the latest remote sensing technology housed in a modular floating device made from recycled milk bottles. The user customised software dashboards can overlay weather, soil, and vegetation cover information in a land and water management tool kit.

Water quality monitoring equips us with data to understand water quality changes and helps ensure primary industry procedures don’t degrade the water and align with government regulations.

If you’re applying for funding for water quality monitoring, we have resources available. Contact Us directly, and we’ll work with you through the process.

New Zealand Environmental Water Quality Monitoring with Real Time Io T Artificial Intelligence Water Monitor RW

Monitoring Water Quality on Farms and in Communities

We’re working with farmers and communities and helping them monitor their water quality more easily and affordably.