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About Us

RiverWatch is the data centre for organisations, businesses, governments, councils, Iwi, communities and individuals committed to monitoring and enhancing the quality of New Zealand waterways. Our collection and dissemination of data are integral to people’s connection with and understanding of water quality.

We aim to collect data and create a benchmark for water quality monitoring through intelligent software. With education and environmental monitoring support, we assist the nation in seeing a measurable change in our water quality management.

New Zealand Environmental Water Quality Monitoring with Real Time Io T Artificial Intelligence Water Monitor RW

Understanding Water Health

As a social and environmental enterprise encouraging the collective responsibility of keeping New Zealand’s waterways clean, RiverWatch achieves this by connecting people with water through the data collected from the Waka network.

Helping New Zealanders understand the health of the waters and assisting in seeing a measurable change in our water quality management. Our solution includes continuously observing and monitoring water quality changes through our robust, remote-monitoring Hardware, real-time Software, and IoT Technology.

Understanding Water Health 2

"Data-Driven community engagement is essential to connecting ourselves and our future generations to our natural environments. We are an electronically connected species, and we can use this as a powerful medium to care for our natural world."

- Michael Paku, Impact Producer

Farming and Freshwater

Working with New Zealand to Understand Water Quality

The RiverWatch blog is the data centre for New Zealanders committed to monitoring and enhancing our waterways. Learn more about the water quality of New Zealand and our integral connection with the waters, and stay up to date with important news, research and developments.

Working with Government

Using IoT to provide real-time water quality monitoring information for critical business.

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Working with Iwi

Helping Iwi to understand our water quality and protect the health and well-being of our waters.

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Working with Farmers

Understanding water health in agricultural areas with real-time water monitoring.

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