Flow like water.
Rivers, we watch.
People we are.
We are RiverWatch.

We provide water quality management facts by delivering remote, continuous, validated information.

High quality insights and data delivered straight to your users, whilst removing effort and risk from your field workers, and cost from your bottom line.

“Kaua e kōrero mo te awa, kōrero ki te awa.”

"Don’t talk about the river, talk to the river.”

Water health is the ultimate measure of environmental health

Riverwatch waka and software

Actionable Water Quality Data Interpretation

Our scalable water quality solution constantly monitors and reports directly to the user the quality of our waterways.

Providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of the ecological health, swimmability, environmental thresholds, and mahinga kai values of our waterways.

With our powerful software, we can go above and beyond the raw data, by analyzing and interpreting water quality information in a way that is both meaningful and accessible, connecting users with the waterway in a more intimate and informed manner.

Continuous data collection allows us to know, rather than assume, what the water is doing, and create actionable insights as a result.

By leveraging the power of continuous data, we can better understand the needs of our waterways and take proactive measures to ensure their health and vitality for generations to come.


The Next Generation Solution

The Waka is a highly durable and practical solution for deploying our highly accurate water quality sensors in various conditions. It is designed with longevity in mind, with a rugged and self-righting design that ensures maximum reliability and reduces biofouling.

The Waka is manufactured from recycled plastic sourced from milk bottles, making it an environmentally-friendly solution that contributes to a circular economy.

The solution is also equipped with a mate unit that offers cellular or satellite IoT connectivity, enabling it to operate in remote and challenging conditions. This allows the RiverWatch to provide real-time alerts for significant changes and events in water quality, providing users with the ability to take swift and effective action.







Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen

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